The optimal investment strategy for you and your family will depend on your current situation, your short and long-term goals, your investment timeframe, your financial resources and your appetite for risk. We will help you explore the options and create a holistic strategy structured around your individual aspirations. 

Whether it is a savings plan for a rainy day or you have had a financial windfall, Saracens will help you through the ‘maze’ of investment options and tax structures that may be appropriate for your needs. Investing is not a guarantee of wealth – in fact, once you have accumulated or gained wealth, it’s the holding of that wealth over the long-term that will provide maximum benefits to you and your family. Saracens will be your ‘partner’ assisting you along the journey. 

Take a moment to reflect on your goals—how much you want to invest and where you think you should invest. Many people use experienced and qualified financial advisers to help formulate their investment goals or to test some of their ideas. This may help in assessing how realistic these goals are and the level of risk you might expect to take on. Saracens use simple principles of investment to provide you with an easy to understand the process. 

We determine:

Your Risk Profile

To get a return on an investment, you must accept some level of risk. The higher the potential return, the higher the potential risks. 

Your challenge, as an investor, is to know what risk your investments have and how much you are prepared to accept. What would it mean to you if the worst case scenario occurred? How would you react?

Use Diversification to Minimise Your Risk

The popular saying ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ can apply to many things, but it applies particularly well to investing. 

Markets move in cycles. Some investors fall into the trap of putting all their money into one asset class or sector – usually at its peak – and then watch as another asset, class or sector takes off without them. We find it is better to have a well-diversified portfolio, spreading your risk. We believe a sound investment portfolio usually includes investments with a combination of different features and different return profiles. Saracens may assist you by constructing a portfolio that provides you with diversification required to minimise risk.

A Wider Range of Investment Options

Unlike the banks’ and insurance companies’ financial advisers, Saracens has an extensive range of products across a large number of different providers. Whether your investments are within a wrap or another investment vehicle; whether you want direct shares or term deposits, direct bonds or specialist managed funds, Saracens will make them available to you, if it is appropriate to your situation. 

At Saracens, we believe the days of an adviser ‘investing’ your hard earned savings into a ‘black box’ that underperforms its index are gone; we believe in strategy and transparency of investment. We design our client’s portfolio so that every investment within the portfolio has a purpose, the risk is assessed and the return measured against appropriate index. This ensures that our client is getting the return for the risk undertaken. Saracens believes that this transparency is the future of advice.

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