We see a number of our longer-standing clients reaching the stage where they can no longer live independently at home.

We understand that having to make a decision about the need for aged care and finding suitable places for loved ones, such as parents, partners and other family members, may be a traumatic time. It is often a difficult process for all involved and the need for action can also come quite suddenly.

Saracens can provide expertise in this complex area. We will clarify, explain and help you plan the financial aspects of aged care options.

Some of the questions frequently asked by clients are:

  • Can we keep, rent out or sell the family home?
  • Are we able to negotiate the amount of the accommodation bond or accommodation charge (which are both potentially negotiable, but you are not always told this)?
  • Do we pay all the bond as a lump sum, or pay part of it as a lump sum, and the remainder of it as a periodic payment?
  • How do we go about maximisation of age pension and/or minimisation of income tested fee?

Saracens will be able to shed light on these questions and more. With all the information no longer a mystery, you will be able to arrive at a decision without feeling frustrated.

This not only makes for easier decision-making and peace of mind, better cash flow planning will ensure that proper funding can be put in place for the ongoing aged care fees.​

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