You’ve worked hard to create a lasting legacy for your family to enjoy life now and in the future. So it’s important to ensure those assets aren’t eroded when the time comes to transfer them to those you care about most.

That’s where Saracens may help. We may help you create a comprehensive estate plan to protect and transfer your wealth in the long term. We can also help to safeguard your family’s prosperity from unexpected events such as a long-term illness or disability, litigation, a relationship breakdown or even bankruptcy.

Do you need a testamentary trust? Do you want a legacy for your grandchildren to help with their education and other life advancements? Do you have an enduring power of attorney in case you become incapacitated? Do you need an enduring guardianship? Saracens may assist you when considering these issues and assist you in relating your estate planning needs to your solicitor. We also work closely with your other professional advisers, such as your accountant, to help ensure you enjoy the best possible after-tax outcomes.​


Centrelink benefits are an extremely complex area of advice available to a large variety of people. There is a popular misconception that only those looking for work, or with very little assets can gain Centrelink benefits. However, there are a variety of payments and benefits available. 

Saracens will ensure that you are aware of what entitlements you are eligible for and, with our comprehensive overview of your personal details, liabilities and lifestyle objectives, may assist you in establishing and correctly applying for the benefits appropriate to your situation. We may also, with our years of experience and technical training, help formulate strategies and structures aimed at maximising your entitlements both now and into the future. 

As part of our ongoing review service, we also make sure that you are kept up to date on any benefits that are applicable. We ensure that you are in receipt of the right benefit and won’t have any nasty surprises if you receive too much benefit. 

You may find our advice of benefit if:

  • You have teenage children who have to move away to study
  • Your assets are too high for the age pension but have a taxable income figure that gives you access to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card
  • Your age pension might impact your eligibility for entering aged care
  • You have children, are raising a family, or one partner stops work temporarily to raise children

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