Super funds invest your money to grow your nest egg over your working life. Saracens will help you use superannuation rules effectively and assist you in meeting your retirement goals. We keep up to date with the most current changes and help you make smart and timely decisions concerning your super.

Saracens can provide detailed advice on:​

  • Contribution strategies
  • Taxation considerations for starting a pension
  • Transitioning to retirement strategies
  • Self-managed superannuation funds
  • The right investment vehicle (product) for your needs
  • Levels of pension drawdowns & withdrawing from your super
  • Investment or portfolio construction of your investments and super
  • Determining & managing the right level of risk for you via your Risk Profile

Saracens has a wide range of administration options available. We will analyse your needs and assist you in selecting the right option to match those needs. Do you want a low fee option for your super? Do you have specific personal risk insurance needs? Do you want a wider range of options to invest your monies? Saracens will assist you in discovering which administration vehicle is right for you—think of us as the purveyor of possibilities to help grow your super without the unnecessary fees.

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